Criminal Defense Attorney Goshen PA

When facing criminal charges in Delaware County, there are few good choices when searching for a great defense attorney. The best Goshen, PA criminal defense attorneys are in high demand. To hold yourself out as one of the best, you must be one of the most experienced delco criminal defense lawyers, you must know the courts, the procedures, and the court personnel. Our experience, personalized strategies, and rate of success set us apart. We consider it our solemn duty to instill our clients with a sense of confidence and to aggressively fight for their freedom. Since 2001, we have helped protect the rights of people within the Delaware County Courts. Whether it’s Chester in the east, Upper Darby on the Philadelphia line, Chadds Ford in the South, Radnor in the west, or any town in between, we’ve not only been there, we continue to be there almost every day, fighting for the rights of every citizen in this county.

Criminal Defense Attorney Goshen PA: Cases We Serve

As a dynamic criminal law group, our defense team has experts that specialize in the full spectrum of criminal case types. No matter what charges you’re facing, no matter how bad it might seem, our team of dedicated and powerful trial attorneys will provide on-point strategies to turn over every stone, to tear through every detail, and to draw upon the relationships and expertise we’ve built over the years to deliver the results you need.

With a history of success representing anyone arrested or imprisoned for crimes alleged to have been committed within the county, we offer on-point experience in the following areas:

  •     Domestic Violence
  •     Simple Assault and Aggravated Assault
  •     PFAs – Protection From Abuse Orders
  •     Drug Possession or Delivery
  •     Possession with Intent to Deliver
  •     DUI/DWI Defense
  •     Expungements & Record Sealing
  •     Gun Possession / Weapon Possession
  •     Internet / Cyber Crimes
  •     Forgery
  •     Robbery
  •     Burglary
  •     Kidnapping
  •     Homicide
  •     Attempted Murder
  •     Juvenile Crimes
  •     Sex Crimes, including Rape, Sexual Assault, IDSI, and Child Pornography
  •     Student Arrests
  •     Theft Charges
  •     Violations of Probation or Parole
  •     Traffic Tickets
  •     License Suspensions
  •     White Collar Crimes

Criminal Defense Lawyer Goshen PA: Experience You Can Count On

With over 50 years of combined experience, our criminals defense lawyers have assisted people, not only in Delaware County criminal cases, but throughout the Philadelphia area. We have gained a reputation for success that is unique both in Philly and the greater Philadelphia region. Our process and methodology are unique to our firm and enable us to tackle the most challenging cases head-on.

Custom Defense: Our process begins with a one-on-one consultation with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney who knows how to ask the right questions, how to make the right arguments, and how to win. Armed with a uniquely developed skill set, we then begin to build strategies to get results.

Straight Talk: We never forget that this is your fight. You’re the General. We are the commanders on the ground. As your partner, we will help you navigate the Delaware County Courts with confidence. You will always hear the hard truth from us, whether you like it or not. We take responsibility for our clients’ freedom every day. We have no time for games or salesmanship. We just want to get to work. Moreover, we pride ourselves on providing practical advice, so you can help our criminal defense team make the right decisions for you.

Strong Track Record: Our track record spans across all areas of criminal law and includes favorable outcomes in every District Court and trial courtroom in Delaware County.

The Right Priorities for the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Delaware County

The priorities of our experienced criminal defense team are clear. They are as follows and in the following order:

  1.    Keep you out of prison by any means possible.
  2.    Lessen the impact on your permanent criminal record to whatever extent possible.
  3.    Protect your finances, both by fighting to lower restitution, fines, or costs. This is also accomplished by providing reasonable and fair flat fees for our services, and by offering as many payment options as possible to assist you.
  4.    To protect you from collateral consequences, like license suspensions, Megan’s law registration, losing your license to carry, and immigration consequences like deportation.

Defense Lawyer Goshen PA: Obtain a Free Consultation

While penalties will vary based on the nature of the offense charged and your criminal record, there is always the potential for incarceration and heavy fines. However, any case can be handled in a way that minimizes the impact on the lives of you and your family. If you’re facing a legal situation, you owe it to yourself to get answers from a quality criminal law specialist. Our experienced attorneys offer free case evaluations, so you can make informed decisions about your future. Call 610-566-1006 to schedule a case review today.