Criminal Defense: An Overview

In Pennsylvania, the immediate consequences of a criminal conviction can include fines, jail time, parole, probation, exaggerated restitution, community service and mandatory drug and alcohol treatment.

Long-term consequences are also severe, and include loss or restriction of professional licenses, ineligibility for public funds like welfare benefits and student loans, loss of voting rights and deportation. The legal consequences aside, there is the social stigma that comes with having a criminal record, and the challenge of securing a job afterward.

To avoid these nightmares, contact The Benari Law Group immediately so we can defend you. If you’re under investigation or have been charged with a crime, call and schedule a free consultation with one of our top-gun criminal defense lawyers.

We Are Dedicated To Protecting Your Rights

Our experienced attorney team includes former prosecutors, veterans of the criminal defense law front, dedicated legal advocates and skilled negotiators. No matter what criminal charges you are facing, our outstanding legal team is prepared to protect your interests and build your defense.

The Benari Law Group provides legal counsel and aggressive rights protection to defendants in all criminal law matters, including:

Our team brings decades of combined experience to your defense. We know that the criminal justice system is heavy-handed, and we work hard to win favorable outcomes for our clients. We have successfully represented over 2,000 defendants in criminal cases, and are prepared to do the same for you.

Taking A Solutions-Oriented Approach

The outcome of your case has yet to be determined. When you choose The Benari Law Group, your defense team will outline all options available to you, and will inform you of both the immediate and long-term consequences associated with each. Once we have ascertained the circumstances of your case, and once you have named your priorities, we can develop a defense strategy that is in line with your needs.

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