Defense Attorneys For Domestic Violence, Assault And Battery Charges In Media And West Chester

Domestic violence, assault and battery charges are usually the result of situations that quickly escalate out of control. Even if you didn’t cause an injury, charges can still be filed against you, and if the charges aren’t dropped, the sentences can be severe.

Put Experience On Your Side

At The Benari Law Group, we know that these charges are usually a product of misunderstanding or misrepresentation, if not outright lies. We are familiar with the stance that the prosecution takes, and we know how to defend you. With our significant experience, our legal team has seen it all — bar fights; fights at sporting events; and many, many domestic disputes between family members, lovers and spouses.

Our attorneys do whatever it takes to protect what is most important to you, whether that’s fighting a restraining order so that you can see your kids, negotiating a lesser sentence to avoid jail time or keeping a criminal conviction off your record. Our team has decades of experience defending Pennsylvania’s accused.

Know What You’re Up Against

When assault occurs between two people who are living together, it is classified as domestic violence. In domestic violence cases, the sentence can include a protection from abuse order (restraining order) in addition to criminal penalties.

The outcomes of these cases frequently come down to one person’s word against another’s. You need a lawyer who knows what questions to ask to get the full story, and who knows which methods and defenses will get you the result you want in your case.

Whether you were acting in self-defense, defending someone else, defending personal property or responding to provocation, we will present your side of the story with confidence fueled by years of experience with criminal law and success diffusing similar cases. If you’ve being wrongly accused, we will expose the alleged victim on the witness stand for the fraud that he or she is.

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