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Experienced Penn-State Brandywine PA Internet Crimes Defense Lawyer

By Admin, posted in Penn-State Brandywine PA Internet Crimes Defense Lawyer on May 21, 2017

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An experienced Penn-State Brandywine PA internet crimes defense lawyer is important and influential in many types of cases. Often times, people charged with internet crimes are completely unaware that what they were doing was against the law. The laws in this field are complex and violations are not always apparent. Whether you need a free consultation to ensure sure you are abiding by the law while conducting business online or you have already been accused of committing an internet or cyber crime, we can assist.

A Skilled Penn-State Brandywine PA Internet Crimes Defense Lawyer Can Defeat Various Charges

Regardless of what you have been told about cyber crime, you should take any charge you’re faced with very seriously. Cyber crimes can be tried as felonies or misdemeanors and often involve sentences of imprisonment. Our internet crime defense lawyers handle each case with the focus and gravity your case deserves. Our experience includes cases involving:

  • Accessing Stored Communications (Hacking)
  • Child Pornography
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Criminal Copyright Infringement (Distributing Stolen Content)
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Electronic Harassment/ Stalking (Texts, Emails, Chats)
  • Identity Theft
  • Internet Fraud
  • Non-Delivery of Merchandise
  • Solicitation (Prostitution)
  • Sports Betting
  • Theft of Private, Personal Information

Our Team has the Qualifications to Provide the Outcome You Need

There are many traits that set us apart from other firms and help our clients walk away free or face reduced consequences, including:

Experience with Cybercrime Cases: As a comprehensive criminal defense practice, we work in a range of areas, but our team specializes in managing cybercrime cases. This means that you’ll benefit from having a lawyer who is both up-to-date on current legislation and has courtroom experience.

A Clear Consultation: Internet crime cases tend to be very complicated but rest assured, you will be informed and involved in all developments in your case. Not only will we tell you in plain English what alternatives are available, but we’ll guide you through the possible end results for each, so you can make a decision what’s right for you.

A Tenacious Team: We are very popular in the Philadelphia court system when it comes to cybercrime. Judges and attorneys alike know that we have the tact to win cases and that, in and of itself, will give you a great chance for success.

Talk to an Experienced Penn-State Brandywine PA Internet Crimes Defense Lawyer

Our team has a strong credibility for supplying quality defense and customizing our strategy for each case and every client’s ideal outcome. Even though cybercrime involves white collar offenses, the stakes are still high and the penalties include substantial fines and imprisonment. If you’re facing legal trouble for something that happened on the net, get honest feedback and learn more about your options from a seasoned Penn-State Brandywine PA internet crimes defense lawyer. Contact us at 610-566-1006 for a free case evaluation today.